2009-11-21 07:46:36 by ac371


My name is Adam Ciszkiewicz and I live in Cracow (Poland).

I'd like to do some collabs:). If you are interested contact me.

If you need some flash movie/game (or real ones) music I might be able to help you. If you have questions post them in comments, write PM or e-mail me (acisz@poczta.fm).

If you liked my music you can check out my website (actually icomp account - you'll need quick time plugin to play songs on that site) or you can find me at soundclick.com (same nickname - ac371). There is almost everything I make, then you can request it and I'll upload it here (so you can for instance download it, use it in your flash, etc.). I'll probably upload some of those on my own but newgrouds limit is 2 uploads per day.